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Rainysongs Digital Logo


Rainysongs was created by Grammy nominated songwriter and recording artist Rainy Davis to empower independent entertainment industry professionals with a professional line of dedicated products and software that are essential for digital content distribution.

                                            RAINYSONGS PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

Digital Distribution

Rainysongs flagship product worldwide digital music distribution CMS. This Content Management System (CMS) provides our clients with total user control of their digital music distribution to the online shops. We offer this cutting edge technology software with label management integration that empowers the end user to create, unlimited subsidiary labels, unlimited artists and release unlimited tracks digitally worldwide to online stores. Without any upload fees or encoding fees. Let us empower you to become a digital distributor.

Digital Entertainment Consulting

We can help you by becoming a right arm for your entertainment company. Our network is powerful and we have a long reach in the digital entertainment industry. From helping your company set the foundation to launching a major digital marketing / advertising campaigns. We can connect all the dots for you.

Music & Video Delivery to Radio & Broadcasters

We can securely deliver your music and video to radio stations and television broadcasters throughout North America. Destinations include P1, P2 Stations, Clear channel, BET, VH1, MTV, FUSE and hundreds of underground resources as well.

Digital Download Cards

We also offer a powerful digital download card that are identical to the quality of a Master Card or Visa - host a whopping 2.5 gig of any digitizable data and all content can be retrieved on any PC, MAC, or Smartphone. Most importantly, the cards collect and create the most valuable asset in our digital world, your unique customer database!

Music Marketing & Promotion

If you're looking to enhance your label promotion with a team of professionals who have an extensive track record to market your new release to radio & retail, we have the physical staff to support your new release. We can structure your campaign, design the plan (on paper) and lay the detailed strategy out on the table in black & white.

Press & Publicity

Entertainment industry and businesses thrive on press and media distribution! Without it your product will end up as your best kept secret. When you’re ready to let the world know you have a statement to make, contact us and we'll help you get the word out professionally and tell the world for you. 

Internet Promotion, Advertising, SEO & SEM

Your products success depends on how good it is, and how many people know it exists... Three key ingredients that could improve your chances for successA. Your budget. B. Your network relationships. C. Your expertise. We can open the necessary doors that can help you execute your objectives. Internet advertising and marketing opportunities available include: Google, twitter, facebook, and Platform-A. Contact us for your next launch!

Additional Services

Joomla web design, custom modules and components, Graphic design, Digital single and album covers, website security and web hosting.

Founded by Grammy nominated songwriter and recording artist Rainy Davis. Rainy Songs provides a one-stop-shopping solution for independent music and record label professionals. Rainysongs Entertainment was created for the music industry professionals who wish to remain in control of their company and their product worldwide online.

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 Rainysongs logo White copy



Rainysongs Entertainment offers a dedicated line of professional products and software that empower independent music artists and major label professionals to take control of their global digital distribution and sale of their music online from iTunes to Amazon. Rainysongs also provides support services for its clientele including website design and support, publicity campaigns, customized digital cards, etc. 

Products and services include; worldwide digital music distribution with total user control, music and video delivery to radio stations and television broadcasters, digital download cards with the ability to collect customer database for the end user, music marketing and promotion, innovative flash drives and cards, and press distribution. Internet technology services: digital consulting, web design, SEO, SEM, Internet advertising and marketing opportunities through, Google, twitter, AOL plus personalized customer service.

Day to day business operations are handled by seasoned entertainment industry professionals with a powerful and extensive music and film network accompanied with impressive credentials.

Founded by Grammy-nominated songwriter Rainy Davis, Rainy Songs provides a one-stop-shopping solution for artists, bands and record label professionals. This company offers cutting edge technology with software label management integration that empowers the end user to control, create, monitor, and release product to online stores from unlimited subsidiary labels, unlimited artists and tracks without restriction. The end user also has the ability to create individual label logins for all their subsidiary record labels or artists.

Being able to understand your clients needs and objectives is crucial to the survival of any business! This comes as second nature to Grammy Nominated song writers Rainy Davis and Pete Warner. In addition to the day to day operations of Rainysongs and their clients, Rainy Davis and co-writer Pete Warner have achieved multiplatinum success with their song “Sweetheart” (which orginally was Rainy's first single release as a recording artist) and later to be recorded and popularized by Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri. Between 1998 through 2011 the song has sold over 22 million units, (not including digital releases), appeared on several albums and was licensed over 275 times worldwide. 

Pete Warner has joined the RainySongs to drive sales, incorporate new technology and content delivery platforms globally. Pete holds the position of Director of Business Affairs and Development for Rainysongs Entertainment. His responsibilities include; international business development, technology consulting, new content acquisitions, new technology integration, online marketing, song writing, producing, publishing and web design development.





Also joining the executive team to integrate A-List clients into Rainysongs digital realm as well as bringing in new technology is Michael J. Gruber and his partner Ralph Cohen. Their fields of expertise include business management, concert promotion, artist management and business development. Who is Michael Gruber? An Entertainment industry rainmaker whose name is well recognized by Clive Davis, Jerry Heller, Irving Azoff , Angel Carrasco and other well respected, successful musical icons. Michael Gruber’s track record reads like a list of who’s who in the entertainment world. From Gruber’s experience as tour manager for the Rolling Stones, traveling the world with the rock group arranging and staging concerts and other events. Gruber eventually moved to Los Angeles where he discovered America’s answer to the Beatles, Moby Grape. He formed another company called Personal Management Associates to manage them and other emerging groups including: Taj Mahal, Love, Chi Coltraine and Group Therapy. Gruber is also credited to have opened the Kaleidoscope, America’s largest rock dance club and Arthur’s Disco, the country’s premier celebrity hangout. Kaleidoscope was host to A List entertainment celebrities that included The Doors, The Mamas and Papas, Janis Joplin, The Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead. Gruber also secured exclusive rights to the world famous Hollywood Bowl and featured top groups including Sly and the Family Stone, War, The Carpenters, Aretha Franklin, and the L.A. Symphony Orchestra. Then, one year later, Gruber Ron Schneider and Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones formed R.E.A.M. Productions to develop and manage new and upcoming European artists.

Michael Gruber was the promoter for projects like The Parliament Funkadelics Mothership Connection World Tour, the biggest tour of its kind at the time. He also promoted shows in Australia with talent including Stevie Wonder, Tom Jones, Sting, Andrea Bocelli and many more. Gruber also created and developed the College Satellite Network that produced cultural, musical and literary programs for college’s years before the Internet was born. 

In addition to becoming an integral part of Rainysongs Entertainment, Michael Gruber is currently involved with multiple projects worldwide that include: digital technology, music, motion pictures, television and stage productions. He recently founded the SONY distributed music label S.P.I.C. (Spanish People In Control) which promotes the musical rhythms that have emerged from the mixture of Latin and American Cultures in the United States. 







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advanced distribution solutions copy

Rainy songs digital distribution is your ideal partner for managing, promoting & distributing your music catalogue on the internet. We make sure that your music is available & where applicable, featured on key online music stores worldwide.

If you are an established label looking to expand your customer base & utilize your catalogue, or an artist or band wanting to make your material available to the biggest potential audience in the world then we can help.


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get your music online copy

The customer can only buy if the product is available!


1. The complete digital distribution package worldwide for any product or artist.

2. Effective management & handling of all Digital Distribution royalties.

3. Competent label management making sure your product is in the right place at the right time.

4. Compiling, creating, branding & re-issuing of catalogues small or large.

5. Complete overview of new trends & up & coming platforms.

6. Encoding of material into all necessary formats.

7. Download Platform / internet shop consultancy & supply of the relevant product / catalogue.

8. Our IT staff has created our web-based metadata and music packager, allowing us to send our content directly to DSPs in electronic format, bypassing the necessity of shipping CDs/DVDs and thereby saving time, money and resources. Rainysongs Entertainment introduced North and South Americas, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic to the next generation of digital music distribution software that empowers Artists, labels both Independent and Major to take control of their content delivery and upload of their digital music and metadata directly through our system for worldwide distribution based delivery specifications that they designate within the Digital Music Distribution Software.






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get your rds3

Rainysongs Entertainment  

Domestic & International

 * Rainysongs is a digital distributor (that also distributes its own digital label) with the infrastructure to perform as a digital aggregator who supplies content to almost all of the worldwide download platforms and in every situation we have excellent conditions for both labels & artists.

* Our activities extend beyond just supplying every internet corner shop with products.

* We check & monitor our releases and our goal is that your products get the attention they deserve and don´t get lost as digital trash!

* We work closely together with our digital partners to coordinate our activities based upon your active marketing strategies and naturally assist when possible with all digital marketing activities.

* We offer the retailers & shops an ever expanding catalogue of quality music that compliments any existing products lines.




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Rainysongs Entertainment, LLC offers professional artists and labels digital distribution combined with a digital music delivery platform that vastly improves the digital music delivery process, improves the time to live, with added features in the software platform that allow you to be in full control of content delivery with your digital music releases. Enhamceing your performance as a digital label or labels is our objective. .

The digital delivery software platform is available in two formats, 1. Single label user that allows you to manage one single label with unlimited artists and tracks. 2. Multi-label user that allows you to manage and create unlimited sub labels with unlimited artists and tracks on each label. 

Rainysongs Entertainment, LLC can empower all artists and labels, including all independents and major labels through Rainysongs Digital “RD System” . You as the the end user has management control of every label and the digital delivery of your music to digital retailers (desktop and mobile) internationally.

Rainysongs Entertainment has launched the most innovative advanced technology available in North America to the digital download music community. Rainysongs Entertainment delivers this technology through its new digital portal, Rainysongs Digital.

The Rainysongs Digital System can be accessed from your studio, home, offices, bedroom, and vehicles or even at the beach - anywhere they can receive a strong internet signal.

*If your label has over 1000 title releases and you would like us to handle your digital distribution, we will provide the customized xml code required to transfer your content at no charge. Making the move simple and saving your company the hassle of re-uploading your content.

All artists and labels who are interested in improving your content delivery methods and would like to take control of your product releases worldwide, Contact Rainysongs Entertainment - If you have any questions and want to know how you can get started we look forward to hearing from you.


Send Label inquiries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Send Artist inquiries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Skype: Rainysongs



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Pete Warner Desk 600x400 



Pete Warner joined the Rainysongs Staff to implement new technology strategies, digital content delivery platforms, and internet marketing techniques. His objective is to incorporate within one location, essential digital resources that empower entertainment industry professionals worldwide. Peter brings a wealth of entertainment industry knowledge and experience to the table integrated with a vast understanding of online technology expertise. Combined with strong network relationships within twitter, Google, Platform-A, to close colleagues in technology development internationally. With a black book of contacts that contain the results of more than twenty - five years in the music, entertainment, software and hardware technology industries. Currently, Pete holds the position of Director of Business Affairs and Development for Rainysongs Entertainment and Rainysongs Digital. 


Peter's responsibilities at RSE include; international business relationships and development, digital consulting, new content acquisitions, new technology integration, research and development, online marketing, song writing, producing, publishing and Joomla web design. Peter reports directly to the Rainysongs Entertainment president Rainy Davis. 


As Business Affairs and Development Director, Peter is also responsible for the push of digital content into the online consumer market. His business development skills and network expertise are utilized to enhance the client experience and simplify the most effective deployment and advertising methods to consumers on the World Wide Web. His focus is to provide Rainysongs clients the best digital vehicle possible based on the clients objectives and goals.


Peter is a musical powerhouse of music knowledge, production, and business development. He is a multi platinum award winner, Grammy nominated song writer, a producer / musician with numerous recording credits to his name that are far too long to list. Musically, his songwriting co-writer Rainy Davis has sold over 22,000,000 units globally. One of their songs re-recorded by the single biggest selling female artist of all time “Mariah Carey ". Albums that contain Pete and Rainy songs include: Jermaine Dupri "Life In 1472", 1999 Grammy Rap Nominees, “The Ones - Mariah Carey, Mariah Carey’s Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey – The Remixes, The Essential Mariah Carey (2011). You can Google him and see various lists of his recording and production credits. Additional projects include working with Wah Wah Watson, Amir Bayyan, Patrick Adams, Herbie Mann, Tramaine Hawkins, David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Sarah Brightman and Hot Gossip, The Cover Girls, Wu-Tang, Rainy Davis, and more. He loves the music and everything it encompasses, he’s passion driven and has been blessed with a eye and an ear for raw talent and good music with the ability to be able to change with the times musically.


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 Rainysongs Digital Logo


Rainysongs digital music distribution service combined with our label manager system software will help you easily manage a *multiple of subsidiary digital music labels and artists more efficiently. You will have the flexibility and control of how your content is sent to the retail digital stores, while being able to make the final decisions on where your music gets delivered to digitally worldwide.

We have provided a list of territories and shops below that display your global options and enable you to make the final decisions on destinations of your digital music content.

(List provided below are subject to updates within actual system usage)

To View Stores & Territories - Click images below



For more information, click the Rainysongs Umbrella: Rainysongs Logo 2013X

We welcome the privilege of becoming your digital music distribution provider.

Contact us and get started today, we look forward to hearing from you.


Rainy Songs Entertainment, LLC

Skype: Rainysongs

Would you like us to contact you? Simply fill out our short form:

(click the black heart below to access form)





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rd name script

Rainy Davis - President and Founder / Rainysongs

The Business:

Rainy Davis - Founder and president of Rainysongs Entertainment a full service digital distribution company. Back in 2005, when digital music distribution was relatively new to indie artists and labels, Rainy setup her online entertainment label with worldwide digital distribution and was part of initiating the foundation for fair digital recording agreements in the U.S.

Rainy's concept was to give the artist a bigger percentage split than the label and company that was releasing and distributing the product would take. Knowing she wasn't going to make much money doing business in that manner, her interest was not the cash, it was treating the artist right in their agreement. Since then Rainy’s company has evolved significantly and she maintains the same standards. 

In 2005, when digital music distribution was new to the majority of indie artists and label professionals Davis, founder and president of Rainysongs setup her online entertainment company with worldwide digital distribution. This was one of the first digital music distribution labels owned by an African American woman. Davis was also one of the pioneers to structure the foundation for fair digital recording agreements in the U.S.

In 2010 Davis and her company Rainysongs introduced a digital technology platform to North America that empowers independent music professionals to control their digital music content worldwide online.

The Music:

Rainy Davis remains a creative force in the entertainment industry and is a Grammy-nominated songwriter, accomplished music publisher, producer, and recording artist. Her publishing company Rainysongs, is a member of ASCAP and holds controlling interests in the Sweetheart copyrights. Collectively with various album releases by Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri with the inclusion of Sweetheart, album sales exceed 22 million physical records worldwide. Rainy’s additional production and songwriting and releases include; The Cover Girls, “Spring Love“ from the “Show Me” album; Inner Life Jocelyn Brown featuring on “I Want Give You Me“ from the Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair), Apollo 440 “Sweetheart” sample from The Descending Dudes album; and Rainy Davis‘ “Sweetheart “ from the Sweetheart album and more 275 licenses issued by Harry Fox.

Who remembers Rainy Davis’ late 80’s hit "Sweetheart"? Well fortunately for Rainy, Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri did. Rainy’s song Sweetheart was the debut single for their duet on JDs’ Life In 1472 album in the summer of 1998. The album went on to earn Rainy a Grammy nomination as a song writer and appears on the 1999 Grammy Rap Nominees Album. Imagine superstars Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri choosing "Sweetheart".

“A few months later, Mariah Carey #1’s album is released and Sweetheart is the first single from the album. Sweetheart eventually winds up on Mariah Carey’s Greatest HitsThe Remixes, and the 2011 album release The Essential Mariah Carey. Since then, an additional 275 plus music licenses have been issued confirming that Sweetheart is 4-Ever and a dream come true for Rainy. Blessings go out to Mariah & Jd for Sweetheart!

In an interview with Vibe Magazine Mariah Carey said of the inspiration for recording Sweetheart, "I was thinking of the old songs I used to listen to when I was in school. It's a really cute record. Young girls’ like it the way I liked it when I was growing up.

Rainy wrote "Sweetheart" with producer Pete Warner and every time that song hits the airways, it's magic.

Company Website: 





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rdigital header2a copy




The Smart Choice for Digital Music Distribution In 2014



Our business model is to provide music professionals with innovative digital music technology and release a consistent flow of product that is legally licensed through major digital retailers and mobile providers worldwide. Our vision is to offer talented artists, independent and major labels that encompass all genres of music with a vehicle utilizing internet technology and hardware that give them the digital advantage and implement seamlessly within the World Wide Web. With advanced technology simplified for our end users we provide our clients the digital edge with online distribution globally. Rainy Songs mission is to continue to forge new business relationships with creative and innovative technology companies worldwide that empower digital music artists and label professionals. As CEO of Rainysongs, Rainy Davis strives for quality, integrity and motivates her staff to be creative and always think outside the box for the artist, label, client and her company.



Our digital retailers span the globe and our online ad partner relationships cover over 90% of the online universe. Rainysongs Entertainment Digital is the beginning of a new way to engage your digital music distribution effectively. Rainysongs remains focused on independent artists and music label professionals, new music, entertainment and strategic partnerships. We bridge the best of both worlds together to accommodate user friendly digital distribution with the resources to market, promote, advertise and sell artist's digital music internationally all under one roof. The products we offer and recommend are products we believe in and use ourselves. The agreements we offer are agreements we would sign ourselves if we were the client. Beyond that, our customer service is top notch (according to our clients). 



Rainysongs execs are multi-platinum award winners, Grammy nominees and do understand the creative minds of the artist. More importantly, from the aspect of the digital world, these same execs have been an integral part of the digital revolution since the early 80's. As new roads are paved on the digital highways, Rainysongs Entertainment and the intellectual forces that make up our company are part of this road paving process. Digital online music and physical "brick and mortar" join forces at Rainysongs that is another focus of ours since the turn of the century. Rainysongs has the professional tools new artists and labels need to succeed on the Internet. We know how to maximize the World Wide Web to its full potential. 



Our founder and CEO- Rainy Davis is a businesswoman, and entrepreneur. She is a successful artist, song writer and music publisher, a multi platinum award winner and a Grammy nominated songwriter that understands what every artist has to persevere in order to be appreciated in this industry. She wants to share her blessings and industry expertise with talented and gifted artists and label professionals around the world. Rainy believed that she has been given a unique opportunity to initiate this company and afford them the ability to go global with their music. This is what makes Rainysongs a powerhouse digital distribution company. We appreciate and understand artists and their creativity! Rainysongs has the resources to place your product in front of the masses globally.


Rainy continues to write, produce and perform while promoting Rainysongs Entertainment projects. Being a celebrity, has given Rainy a unique business sense and passion that comes from paying dues and knowing personally, that dreams do come true! Rainysongs has a phenomenal roster of onboard musical talent and a business model and infrastructure geared specifically to contribute a positive change to future of the music industry and help creative people the world over.


Rainy's got a gift when it comes to anticipating the future. In a N.Y. radio interview with Bob Slade of Kiss FM she was asked "what do you see yourself doing 10-15 years from now?" Rainy replied," running my own record label." Well Rainy held true to her vision and took it to the next level!



Although Rainysongs Entertainment is still young our musical experience spans over twenty – five years. In addition, we have the ability to change with the times musically. From the technical standpoint we were involved in developing the first portable 24 track digital recording and mastering studio (endorsed by RZA - WU TANG CLAN /  Actor / Producer) and helped Cakewalk introduce their first release of the world renowned Sonar recording software which made its debut at the NAMM convention with the portable system we helped  developed.


Incorporating music into our equation, we have worked with a multitude of artists, producers, songwriters, arrangers, engineers, and executives in one aspect or another both known and unknown. Including in alphabetical order: Adil Bayyan, Allan Davis Sr., Amir Bayyan, Andre Cymone, Andy Panda, Anthony Jackson, Art Kass, Arthur Mitchell, Ayanna, Aziz Gocksell, Beckie Bell, Bert De Coteaux, Bob Clearmoutain, Brian Lassiter, Bruni Pagan, Charisse Davis, Chris-Lord Alge, Clarence Burke, Columbia Records, Cuba Gooding, Dan Hougessen, David Cole, David Fritz, David Ruffin, Dennis "Pee Wee" Faison, Dez Dickerson, Don Cornelius, Don Davis, Dorothy Kessler, Dru Miller, Eddie Kendricks, Edmund Sylvers, Evett Simmons, Fay Hauser-Price, Fonda Raye, Frank Byron Clarke, Freddy B a/k/a Jamezz Bonn, G-Dep, Gary Salzman, Grubman & Indursky, Harold Whaley, Herbie Kessler, Herbie Mann, Inner Life, Isidro "Cosa" Ross, James Grimes, Jay Bloom, Jermaine Dupri, Jerry Knight, Jim Delahant, Jimmy Douglas, Jinx Da Juvy, Jocelyn Brown, Joe Franklin, Joe Mc Kewen, John Poppo, Johnathan Schaffran, John ‘Mook” Gibbons, Kenny Ortiz, Khalis Bayyan, Kieth Sweat, Knocturnal (Big Dee), LA Confidential Records, Larry Peoples, Lil John, Little Louie Vega, Lucy Martinez, Mark Wills, Mariah Carey. Mark Fried, Marvin Walker, Melvin “Wah Wah” Watson, Michael Gruber, Mickey Eichner, Mike Bona, Julian Herzfeld, Miller London, Mr. Joe Jackson (Michael Jackson’s Dad), Musique, Ned Hearn, Norby Walters, Ollie Brown, PAP, Padrone, Patrick Adams, Paul Hill, Paul Tarnepol, Pepe Willie, Persuaders (Smokey, BB, BJ, Charles S.), Phil Gates, Prince, RCA Records, Rainy Davis, Randall Rubin, Randy Bean, Ray Chew, Ray Parker jr., Rick Stevens, Ritchie Tannebaum, Ritchie Walters, Ruden-MclCosky, Sal Abitello, Shannon, Skipwoth & Turner, Spy Records, Stan Lucas, Stephan Ferrone, Steve Gadd, Steve Press, Stuart Bascombe, Supertronics, The Cover Girls, The Kay Gees, The Main Ingredient, The PA System, The RZA, Tony Arfi, Tony Bonjiovi, Tony Humphrey, Tony Moran, Tony Wells, Trumaine Hawkins, Wood-Brass & Steel, Wu-Tang, Yipes, Some of the studios we used were The House of Music, Unique Recording, Power Play Studios, Power Station, Frimcity Records, Sound Palace, Music Farms, Concourse Recording, Beartracks, Atlantic Studios, Mediasound, The Music Palace, Right-Track N.Y., Soundworks, Quad Studios, and Hitsville USA (Cali). If we missed anyone please accept our sincere apologies, the same adoration and respect is with you as well, thank you for being there!


Our special thanks go out to these brilliant industry innovators. We have truly been blessed! Knowing how to recognize good music and talent is an art and being around the best in the business trains the ears well. I know there are some people we may have not included but you are not forgotten. You are part of our history and we love you too. Rainy Songs will continue to pave new roads on the Internet highways for digital entertainment utilizing all the knowledge and relationships we have.


We want to let our potential clients and artists know that besides label execs that are forging new digital highways; we change musically with the times because we have learned from the best of both worlds old and new. We will continue to make good music and know good music when we hear it.


We appreciate your taking the time to see the digital advantages we can offer you and your company. Thank You!



© 2009 - 2021 / Rainysongs Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Site designed and Powered by: Rainysongs Entertainment. Additional content that may appear in this website is used by permission of orginal content authors and (C) copyright owners.



© 2009 - 2021 / Rainysongs Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Site designed and Powered by: Rainysongs Entertainment. | Additional content that may appear in this website is used by permission of orginal content authors and (C) copyright owners.