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The Smart Choice for Digital Music Distribution In 2014



Our business model is to provide music professionals with innovative digital music technology and release a consistent flow of product that is legally licensed through major digital retailers and mobile providers worldwide. Our vision is to offer talented artists, independent and major labels that encompass all genres of music with a vehicle utilizing internet technology and hardware that give them the digital advantage and implement seamlessly within the World Wide Web. With advanced technology simplified for our end users we provide our clients the digital edge with online distribution globally. Rainy Songs mission is to continue to forge new business relationships with creative and innovative technology companies worldwide that empower digital music artists and label professionals. As CEO of Rainysongs, Rainy Davis strives for quality, integrity and motivates her staff to be creative and always think outside the box for the artist, label, client and her company.



Our digital retailers span the globe and our online ad partner relationships cover over 90% of the online universe. Rainysongs Entertainment Digital is the beginning of a new way to engage your digital music distribution effectively. Rainysongs remains focused on independent artists and music label professionals, new music, entertainment and strategic partnerships. We bridge the best of both worlds together to accommodate user friendly digital distribution with the resources to market, promote, advertise and sell artist's digital music internationally all under one roof. The products we offer and recommend are products we believe in and use ourselves. The agreements we offer are agreements we would sign ourselves if we were the client. Beyond that, our customer service is top notch (according to our clients). 



Rainysongs execs are multi-platinum award winners, Grammy nominees and do understand the creative minds of the artist. More importantly, from the aspect of the digital world, these same execs have been an integral part of the digital revolution since the early 80's. As new roads are paved on the digital highways, Rainysongs Entertainment and the intellectual forces that make up our company are part of this road paving process. Digital online music and physical "brick and mortar" join forces at Rainysongs that is another focus of ours since the turn of the century. Rainysongs has the professional tools new artists and labels need to succeed on the Internet. We know how to maximize the World Wide Web to its full potential. 



Our founder and CEO- Rainy Davis is a businesswoman, and entrepreneur. She is a successful artist, song writer and music publisher, a multi platinum award winner and a Grammy nominated songwriter that understands what every artist has to persevere in order to be appreciated in this industry. She wants to share her blessings and industry expertise with talented and gifted artists and label professionals around the world. Rainy believed that she has been given a unique opportunity to initiate this company and afford them the ability to go global with their music. This is what makes Rainysongs a powerhouse digital distribution company. We appreciate and understand artists and their creativity! Rainysongs has the resources to place your product in front of the masses globally.


Rainy continues to write, produce and perform while promoting Rainysongs Entertainment projects. Being a celebrity, has given Rainy a unique business sense and passion that comes from paying dues and knowing personally, that dreams do come true! Rainysongs has a phenomenal roster of onboard musical talent and a business model and infrastructure geared specifically to contribute a positive change to future of the music industry and help creative people the world over.


Rainy's got a gift when it comes to anticipating the future. In a N.Y. radio interview with Bob Slade of Kiss FM she was asked "what do you see yourself doing 10-15 years from now?" Rainy replied," running my own record label." Well Rainy held true to her vision and took it to the next level!



Although Rainysongs Entertainment is still young our musical experience spans over twenty – five years. In addition, we have the ability to change with the times musically. From the technical standpoint we were involved in developing the first portable 24 track digital recording and mastering studio (endorsed by RZA - WU TANG CLAN /  Actor / Producer) and helped Cakewalk introduce their first release of the world renowned Sonar recording software which made its debut at the NAMM convention with the portable system we helped  developed.


Incorporating music into our equation, we have worked with a multitude of artists, producers, songwriters, arrangers, engineers, and executives in one aspect or another both known and unknown. Including in alphabetical order: Adil Bayyan, Allan Davis Sr., Amir Bayyan, Andre Cymone, Andy Panda, Anthony Jackson, Art Kass, Arthur Mitchell, Ayanna, Aziz Gocksell, Beckie Bell, Bert De Coteaux, Bob Clearmoutain, Brian Lassiter, Bruni Pagan, Charisse Davis, Chris-Lord Alge, Clarence Burke, Columbia Records, Cuba Gooding, Dan Hougessen, David Cole, David Fritz, David Ruffin, Dennis "Pee Wee" Faison, Dez Dickerson, Don Cornelius, Don Davis, Dorothy Kessler, Dru Miller, Eddie Kendricks, Edmund Sylvers, Evett Simmons, Fay Hauser-Price, Fonda Raye, Frank Byron Clarke, Freddy B a/k/a Jamezz Bonn, G-Dep, Gary Salzman, Grubman & Indursky, Harold Whaley, Herbie Kessler, Herbie Mann, Inner Life, Isidro "Cosa" Ross, James Grimes, Jay Bloom, Jermaine Dupri, Jerry Knight, Jim Delahant, Jimmy Douglas, Jinx Da Juvy, Jocelyn Brown, Joe Franklin, Joe Mc Kewen, John Poppo, Johnathan Schaffran, John ‘Mook” Gibbons, Kenny Ortiz, Khalis Bayyan, Kieth Sweat, Knocturnal (Big Dee), LA Confidential Records, Larry Peoples, Lil John, Little Louie Vega, Lucy Martinez, Mark Wills, Mariah Carey. Mark Fried, Marvin Walker, Melvin “Wah Wah” Watson, Michael Gruber, Mickey Eichner, Mike Bona, Julian Herzfeld, Miller London, Mr. Joe Jackson (Michael Jackson’s Dad), Musique, Ned Hearn, Norby Walters, Ollie Brown, PAP, Padrone, Patrick Adams, Paul Hill, Paul Tarnepol, Pepe Willie, Persuaders (Smokey, BB, BJ, Charles S.), Phil Gates, Prince, RCA Records, Rainy Davis, Randall Rubin, Randy Bean, Ray Chew, Ray Parker jr., Rick Stevens, Ritchie Tannebaum, Ritchie Walters, Ruden-MclCosky, Sal Abitello, Shannon, Skipwoth & Turner, Spy Records, Stan Lucas, Stephan Ferrone, Steve Gadd, Steve Press, Stuart Bascombe, Supertronics, The Cover Girls, The Kay Gees, The Main Ingredient, The PA System, The RZA, Tony Arfi, Tony Bonjiovi, Tony Humphrey, Tony Moran, Tony Wells, Trumaine Hawkins, Wood-Brass & Steel, Wu-Tang, Yipes, Some of the studios we used were The House of Music, Unique Recording, Power Play Studios, Power Station, Frimcity Records, Sound Palace, Music Farms, Concourse Recording, Beartracks, Atlantic Studios, Mediasound, The Music Palace, Right-Track N.Y., Soundworks, Quad Studios, and Hitsville USA (Cali). If we missed anyone please accept our sincere apologies, the same adoration and respect is with you as well, thank you for being there!


Our special thanks go out to these brilliant industry innovators. We have truly been blessed! Knowing how to recognize good music and talent is an art and being around the best in the business trains the ears well. I know there are some people we may have not included but you are not forgotten. You are part of our history and we love you too. Rainy Songs will continue to pave new roads on the Internet highways for digital entertainment utilizing all the knowledge and relationships we have.


We want to let our potential clients and artists know that besides label execs that are forging new digital highways; we change musically with the times because we have learned from the best of both worlds old and new. We will continue to make good music and know good music when we hear it.


We appreciate your taking the time to see the digital advantages we can offer you and your company. Thank You!


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