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We couldn't have asked for a better company to work with. Rainy Songs and Pete Warner are outstanding! Their willingness to help you and answer any questions is such a big help for anyone just getting started in distribution. They have opened up so many doors for our company. I am so enthusiastic to continue on this upward journey with endless possibilities ahead of us. The sky is the limit with RainySongs!!!!
Date of Posting: 09 December 2013
Posted By: Crystal Clear
Public Relations for Reddy Entertainment, United States
Thank you Pete Warner and the Rainy Songs Family for all your help and knowledge! As I have taken the step into the Digital Distribution arena I am confident that there are no limits that can be reached. Your continued support is greatly appreciated and I look forward to much success in our journey forward. Rainy Songs Entertainment your the best!
Date of Posting: 15 November 2013
Posted By: Sonya Pruneda
Music Business, USA
Thank you Pete Warner! Rainysongs Entertainment has come through in a big way. Rainysongs Entertainment recently defended, protected and verified my online media and even reminded me that my label is entitled to greater monetary gain and that I have royalties currently owed to me and went through the steps to help me receive these royalties. Rainysongs Entertainment goes above and beyond any other distributor of digital music content and stands by their clients. Great work Rainysongs Entertainment. You know your business and your very knowledgeable in walking your clients through this very immense, diversified, navigationally, complicated music industry network, so that it can work for us. Rainysongs has always been patient and very helpful every step of the way.

Thank you again, Rainysongs Entertainment! You have a very satisfied and happy client.
Date of Posting: 06 November 2013
Posted By: Ruby Hayes
Owner - Rowdie Riot Records, NYC
Rainy Songs Digital is the best of the newest technology in musical distribution. They enable the dreamer to really make a dream come true with on-line digital distribution opportunities. The have nots can now get it done!!!! - Kurtis Blow
Date of Posting: 15 November 2012
Posted By: Kurtis Blow
The level of customer service I have received through RainySongs Entertainment can only be described as "above and beyond." When they say they that they will take care of a problem right away, they MEAN it. I am simply beyond impressed.
Date of Posting: 13 June 2012
Posted By: Lance Roger Axt
Let's get it done. That's the attitude you expect from a first rate operation. After I had delivered my first product for distribution, I discovered I had included a wrong mix. When I contacted Rainy Songs to ask about the logistics of pulling one track and making a replacement I was expecting the usual tech run around about why "It couldn't be done" or "That is gonna take a few weeks!" Unlike other organizations I have had dealings with, I was told, "We will take care of it right away.." I was able to meet my expected product launch date with no problems. I find Rainy Songs Digital Distribution a powerful tool for a 21st century label like PAP Records....
Date of Posting: 25 February 2012
Posted By: Patrick Adams
CEO - PAP Records, New York, Ny
Starting a new label is no easy task but Rainysong made the whole process alot easier. Very professional company. It's nice when you have a question that you could actually talk to an actual person and not just email. Couldn't believe that I was a actually going through things on the phone with Rainysongs Entertainment (Miami Office) at 10pm on a Friday night. Top Notch!...
Date of Posting: 26 December 2011
Posted By: Jason E. Nales
Insaneya Recordings , New York
Rainysongs Entertainment is the ultimate digital distribution outlet for an artist or label who believes in full control and ownership of their music online. Through the RD system software, our label is now in the driver’s seat and the system allows us to virtually control every aspect of releasing our product digitally to the world. RD is an easy system to navigate through and the time it takes from uploading with the Rainysongs Digital Media Tool to delivery appears to be almost instantaneous. This is a tremendous asset to our company....
Date of Posting: 26 December 2011
Posted By: F. Stergis
CEO / Knightkrawler Records , Jacksonville, Florida
Rainysongs Entertainment has been great partners when it comes to digitally distributing our music. The RDS system software gives my label Demolition Squad Entertainment the ability to release or take down any music from artists on my label. This is one of the most unique systems I have come across and have realized there is no other like it. The system gives you the ability to distribute on numerous digital media stores all over the world. The system is very easy to use and user friendly. If I ever came across a problem, I could just call customer service and support and have it fixed right away. Not only is the system user friendly, but the people behind the system are very knowledgeable and helpful as well. This tool has helped my independent label become more official and well known. I recommend all and new labels to look into the RDS system and Rainysongs Entertainment....
Date of Posting: 25 December 2011
Posted By: Jonathan Perrier
Music Label CEO, Florida
As the CEO of C&W Records Inc., I want share what it means to me to have digital distribution with Rainysongs Entertainment llc, My study show that if you plan on lasting in this ever changing music world you Must have digital distribution. RD System gives me the power to place my artist work in the fields with the majors. Just to have a digital distribution deal is nothing if you can't control what you do. Other digital distribution companies place your music where they want to and not where you need to be. To them you are just like every one else in their system a number. If you do not control what you do on the net why be on the net?...
Date of Posting: 25 December 2011
Posted By: Herman Williams
Music Label CEO, Memphis, Tennessee

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