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Buy The Download Cards That Rival CD'S & DVD'S

Sell em', and you keep every dime! Collects and creates end customer database you have direct access to. Sell your album, video, ringtones, pictures, lyrics, tabs and many more to all your fans at concerts, gigs, retail sotores and venues.

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Have you given much thought as to what is going to replace the physical cd (compact disc) as we know it? Quite frankly, the time is around the corner and even though the download card has been around for a few years there are good ones, better ones and the best ones. As with all of our products, we only offer our customers the kind of products we use ourselves and Digi-Cards in our humble opinion, is the most innovative and versatile media download cards available on the market.  



Inexpensive and easy, only pennies per card (miniumum order quanity 500 CC cards)

Ordering / Pricing Information

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Rainysongs Entertainment, An Authorized Digi-Cards  Distributor 

Rainysongs Entertainment is now an authorized distributor of Digi Cards and we’d like you to visit our multi-lingual website to learn more, inquire and purchase the cards. At Digi-Cards-East we offer you the most powerful download card in the business. This is a necessary tool for our customers who are Interested in the alternative solution to old fashioned cd’s. You will appreciate the “WOW FACTOR” you’ll see when you hand one of your clients or customers one of these cards. Great for promo purposes, sell your product or any application that you need to get digital content out in a physical format.

These cards are identical to the quality of your Master Card, Visa or American Express cards. Have a whopping 2.5 gig capacity and all content can be delivered to any Smartphone including your *iphone, *blackberry, or *android and any desktop or laptop (PC or Mac). More importantly, they empower you to acquire the most valuable asset in the digital world......a database!

 Smartphone Compatibility 

*iphone (requires: "Downloads" - Downloader & Download Manager

*blackberry - Access downloads with firefox browser instead of default browser. 

*android - Access downloads with firefox browser instead of default browser.


How do they work?

Digi-Cards are compatible to download or play in all phones worldwide. We offer the standard 2Dcode, QRcode, Microsoft Tag and ScanLife on all Digi-Cards.

* Certain carrier or service provider restrictions apply, please check with your mobile service provider.

Digi-cards are Custom Multimedia Content Download Cards & Secure Download Systems. U.S.A. & Worldwide Patents Pending.